Features & Changes

  • Countries Codes The system works now on country codes and no longer on country names. Country codes make a more stable ad delivery system.
  • Category Changes You may now select a category type before adding your own category name. This system will be used later on the platform SSP&DSP integration API.
  • Hide Fall Back Link You can now hide the fall back link for publishers and hide their unspent traffic statistics.

Bug Fixing

  • Campaign Admin Bid Fix No more freezing campaign creation for admin when trying to add a lower bid than accepted. Admin can create campaigns with bid $0.000 now.
  • Notification System The system now sends notifications to users when you are changing their placements status.
  • Icons Link The system now display correctly icons for payments, deposit, country flags and Operating systems.
  • Fraud Users List The list now display correctly all users with fraudulent websites flagged.



  • Withdraw With Any Payment Method Users may now choose with what payment method they would like to be paid.
  • User Types Admin may now choose if users can register on different account types (Advertiser or Publisher) or have only one general account type.
  • Invoices The system creates now simple invoices for payments and withdrawals.
  • Responsive Front End The platform is now responsive and works with all devices.

Bug Fixing

  • Installation License Step Display of the license error correctly.
  • Website Default Share Dynamically take the default website share from settings.

Ad Network Software V3.0

Welcome to our latest software release on May 2016. Here you can find the list of all features that Popunder Ad Network Script contains.

Administration Features

  • Profit & Overview statistics
    • Profit by day
    • Profit by countries
    • Overview by campaigns
    • Overview by placements
  • Targeting Options
    • Targeting by categories
    • Targeting by countries
    • Targeting by operating systems
    • Targeting by user agents ( browsers )
  • Platform Information
    Display information on the dashboard page of advertisers and publishers.
  • Fraud Detection
    • Detection of fraudulent websites that use fake traffic
    • Detection of users that use fake traffic
  • Admin Tasks List of tasks that the admin must take in order to manage the platform.
  • Full access over all of your users
  • User View You can sign up as an specific user without knowing his password.
  • Ad delivery Settings
  • Fall Back Default URL You must choose a fallback URL where the traffic will be send in case that you don't have active campaigns for it.
  • Theme Options You can upload a new theme and change the user interface easily.
  • Fraud Detection Settings You can choose to automatically block fraudulent user or placements if our fraud system mark them.

Platform Settings

  • Change Currency You can choose the platform currency based on the list of available world wide currencies from paypal.
  • Default Publisher Share Choose the default commission that you are willing to give for your publishers.
  • Minimum Campaign Bid & Campaign Budget Choose the default campaign minimum bid that your advertisers must pay per view in order to create a new campaign and its minimum budget.
  • Instant Payment & Request Funds Your advertisers can choose between the Paypal instant payment or request for funds with any other payment gateway.
  • Withdraw System You can choose between payment on request and Automatically generated payments. Beside that you can choose the NET days when you are willing to make the payments.
  • Sign up System You can choose to close the sign up system for any type of accounts.


  • Statistics by day
  • Statistics by countries
  • Statistics by operating systems
  • Statistics by user agents ( browsers )
  • Statistics by ids (Campaigns and Placements)
  • Unsold Traffic from Placements

Advertiser & Campaigns

  • Campaign Limit per Day
  • Campaign Raw Traffic
  • Campaign Summary
  • Campaign Hold & Unhold
  • Campaign URL Tokens
    • Token for placement ID
    • Token for category
    • Token for operating system
    • Token for browser
    • Token for IP
    Tokens are used to track a campaign performance by your advertiser
  • Disallow Placements Your advertisers can disallow placements by their own
  • Campaign Direct Links (for admin only) You can use the campaign direct links to send traffic from your partners only for a specific campaign.

Publishers & Placements

  • Category Selection
  • Fall Back URL Your publishers can choose an url where the traffic will be redirected in case you don't have campaigns available for it.
  • Unsold traffic statistics per day You can view the traffic that goes to fallback URL per day
  • Particular Placement Commission Share You can modify the share of each placement
  • Disallow Campaigns Your publishers can disallow active campaigns.
  • Monetization Tools
    • Popunder Code
    • Mobile Redirect Code (JS, HTACCESS, PHP)
    • Direct Link Code (requires admin approval)

Referral System

  • Referral Earnings Each time a withdrawal or payment of your referrals is completed you will earn a commission from them.
  • Particular User Referral Commission You can choose for each user its referral commission.
  • Referred Users List Admin and users can see the list of its referred friends.
  • Referred Statistics Admin and users can track the number of visitors that used the Referral Link.
  • Referral Transactions Admin and users can see the active/pending/denied referral transactions.

General Features

  • Notification System Admin and users will receive different notifications.
  • Ticket System Admin and users can use the ticket system in order to contact support or to create a direct conversation with admin's users.
  • SMTP Mail Settings
    • Mail sent to verify the user after sign up.
    • Mail sent when the campaign status changes.
    • Mail sent when the placement status changes.
    • Mail sent when there's a new answer to a ticket.
    • Mail sent when a transaction status changes.
    • Mail sent when a new password is generated.
    The system uses SMTP in order to send automatic mails to it's users.
  • Maintenance Information Admin can access the maintenance system in order to check it's server and network availability.
    • CHMODE Status
    • CPU Loading Average ( 1 min, 5 min, 15 min )
    • Database Statust checking (SQL Database, Redis Database)
    • RAM Memory Usage
    • CRON Jobs last execution time
    • Server Time information
    • Network Error Log
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